Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My 1st real paranormal experience

I have had many paranormal experiences in my lifetime I don't know if its been a curse or a blessing to be honest. I was born into a family with many talents and one of the was to be be able to communicate with the" other side". Whether I wanted it or not it still seems to follow me where ever I go. Tonight I will share one of these experiences with you my very first one at the young age of 5..It was a warm night and we were at my cousins baby's wake, he passed away at the age of 1 yrs old due to kidney failure. I remember walking in to see him the little casket surrounded by people, they were praying and some were crying. I didn't really understand what was going on and remember being a little a afraid. My mom took my hand and directed me over to the casket to see the baby. He was so still he looked like a doll just laying there. He had pale white skin and what seemed to be a slight color of blush on his cheeks. My curiosity caught the best of me and I touched him, he was so warm and soft I wasnt sure why he was in the casket. As I touched him I heard him cry and asked my mom why where people crying. She looked at me and said because he is no longer with us, he is in heaven with the little angels. I think I gave her a confused look because she asked me what was wrong, i\I responded and said "but mommy he isnt dead, he is crying, is he hungry?" She looked at me with a worried look and took my hand and told me to go play outside and so I went to play with my cousins. As the night progressed I continued to play outside untill I became tired and by then it was it must've been really late because most of the people had left. I went to go look for my mom and she was in the room where the casket was and I of course heard a baby (REDRUM) crying again. I asked my mom once again "why is the baby crying?" I think she got annoyed with me because she told me to stop saying that. I seriously didn't know what the big deal was and more so why no one was listening to me. Once again my mom told me to go outside and not to come in there no more, but being the mischievious child I was I didn't listen, I walked into another room from the back that had a door that took me to the room where the baby was. I hid behind the curtains and stared towards the casket, when I saw my mom wasnt looking I went to see him. I touched him and he was so soft and warm but he was crying like he was in pain and I got so overwhelmed, I had a feeling I couldn't understand, so I started to cry and my mom saw me so she took me outside and scolded me for going back in there but then asked me why was i crying and I told her .."why is everyone saying he is with the angels when he is crying?" As you can imagine my mom freaked out and said ok thats it we are leaving it is late. She took me to go look for my sister and dad and all that time all I heard was crying it was so loud! We said our farewells and left. As we were leaving I covered my ears & continued to cry I couldn't take it. We got to my grandmothers house where I fell asleep in my Mom's arms.. So that was my very first experience one of many I hope you found my story interesting. BUT Till this day I can still hear his cries....


  1. I cannot imagine how frightening and confusing that must have been for you as a child. It gave me chills just reading it. Thanks for sharing it!

  2. Wow, I had friends talk me into the bloody mary thing. haha Freaked me out! That and once when adults weren't home, we checked out my house in Cali, I would hear strange noises when alone, footsteps etc. Nobody was there. We all went running out cuz of something we saw...scared us shitless. Dunno wtf it was and don't remember much but we all ran out screaming. I dunno, after reading string theory, I am certain there could be other "life" out there, in another dimension/parallel universe, etc. Check out String Theory on youtube by doh, my bookmark is gone. Lemme find it again. :P Damn I can't remember what to google for... might be on veoh.com though.