Friday, August 7, 2009

What is Love?

Is it when you see each other for the first time and you feel this immense electricity flow thru your veins like they are about to morbidly POP? It would be nice if in reality you knew that what you felt he /she did as well. Or is love when you feel like you can't breathe with out them? Only to find out that all you to need to breathe is some good ole oxygen to stay alive. I for one am not sure if i have ever been in REAL love with ANYONE, i think i have come pretty close tho because when it ended I felt like my heart and soul left my body for awhile there. I also don't know if i believe there is a true soulmate for each of us, what i do believe is that there can be many soul mates in our lives. Maybe not the kind of soul mates you may think like in life long partner but soulmate like someone who may come into your life just when you have felt like your world is REDRUM crumbling and they come in to help you thru your chaos or they just happen to pop in for a few secs but that meeting had a purpose and you learned something from them, That has happened to me many times. You are probably wondering what got me to start rambling bout what is love, well honestly I was thinking about someone who i recently met after knowing him for 3 yrs, It was a wonderful experience for me and i was wondering if he had felt the same. Funny story tho even tho we both had a very hectic day that day and a few obstacles that had came up we still managed to meet and my day ended with a smile as big as can be. It has been 3 days since he went back home and i already miss his smile..that smile i saw in person for the very first time, its contagious. I can honestly say if this life allows it I have found a long lasting friendship whether it progresses to something more or not i have been blessed to have just meeting him....Something happened to me that night and I still am not sure what but whatever it was is still inside me...I have yet to figure out what it is...For now i will end this blog with my sincerest hope that whomever reads it has or will soon find out what is love...



  1. Hey, Chita... love the post. I believe there is such a thing as a soulmate, and like you, I believe it is more the person who has a profound impact on your being, and is sorely missed when gone. Love, like everything, can be fleeting...

    All too often in my life people have thought that what lies beneath is the same as what they see. Not true. Love is a slow moving, deep river within... and though hard to get to, it is a paradise in its own. Keep searching, hon... we all do.

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  3. enonoid here
    and you gt that one right.

    Most of the time i spend here is watching. at work, at the mall. Talking and feeling.

    Thinking is she the one for me ? Or do i have to make some sort of choice. Or maybe she will make that choice for me ?.
    The uncertaincy of love is a book. That book will have no beginning and no end. Just chapters of a new period.
    If you try to keep it with one chapter. you will be surprised. It can be A good book !