Friday, August 14, 2015

La Luna Ritual. Leo in New Moon August 14, 2015

Hello Loves!

This evening I would like to give a short and effective ritual for the new moon. 
Supplies needed: white or yellow (yellow candle is for Leo in new moon) candle, small fire resistant container or plate, paper, pencil, incense and or sage. 
Gather supplies and go outside if weather permits (may also be done inside).

Step 1. Write down anything that you would like to release such as pent up emotions,
anger or you may need to forgive someone. Basically anything that you know isn't serving 
you well. 

Step 2. Light your candle and face the direction where you feel the moon may be, you may either stand or sit down, do what feels right for you. Close your eyes and visualize the Moon's light shining down upon you as it surrounds you whole. Visualize this light healing and protecting you as it fills your aura with love and abundance. State any intentions, prayers you may wish. You may also say a mantra or chant. 

Step 3. Take the piece of paper you wrote on and light it with the lit candle and ask our Divine & Holy Spirit to release you from anything that is keeping you from moving forward and to guide you and help in manifesting your wishes and desires. If you like close you eyes momentarily and visualize yourself what you want and where you want to be. (please use caution with lighted candle and paper, make sure you set lit paper in heat resistant container or small plate).

Step 4. Give thanks and gratitude to our Divine, Mother Nature & Moon. 
Follow your intuition and do what feels right! Dance, chant, how at the moon if you wish! Be creative, wild and free!! 
Chita 🌚

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