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Super Moon Ritual August 29, 2015

Super Moon Ritual August 29, 2015

What is the Super Moon? The Super Moon occurs when the full Moon is near at its closest point to the earth for the month. August 29th will be the first of this year's 3 full super moons. It is called the Sturgeon, Corn or Grain Moon. The Moon turns full at 1:35 p.m. CDT. The Super Moon has an intense pull of gravity & energy to the ocean & causes the tides to be higher than usual following the Super Moon by a day or two.

My Grandfather was a true believer in following the Moon's cycles. I was 5 years old & have a fond memory of my grandfather taking all the grand kids outside as soon as moon was visible. He would tell us stories of the constellations, planets and especially our beloved Moon & how the energies affected us in our everyday lives & Mother Earth. We would lay on top of the car under the huge mesquite tree as we looked up at the sky listening to his stories.. Even though we were in the middle of the Sonoran desert, where my Grandparent's ranch was, settled between the mountains and where I would hear the wolves howling nearby as I took in the scents Mother Nature was offering... I knew I was hooked, in love with the moon & her energy.. I'd feel as if I was floating on air as she embraced her lovely arms around me, becoming one with her energy.. it's where I felt & still feel the most safe, strong & grounded..

I don't have a traditional ritual but I have built my own and I'm going to share it with you.. Please feel free to change anything you like do what feels right for you.. Make this about YOU and how you want to express yourself & the type of connection you desire..

Supplies needed: White Candle, lighter or matches, fire proof plate/bowl, crystals, holy water, sage/incense.. Paper & pencil/pen, sticks, twigs & rocks, anything you see outside that Calls to you..

You may do this alone or with group:

Light candle & Incense (make sure anything lit is in safe place). I gather all the things I see around me such as twigs, rocks, sticks, fallen flowers, leaves, petals & crystals. I sit on ground in easy/lotus pose and begin to make a mandala as I say a prayer or intention, it's a great way to meditate and ground yourself as you begin to pay attention to the full Moon's energy surrounding you.. You are connecting to nature.. Open yourself to receive these connections & breathe it all in & when you exhale send any stagnant energies out & visualize these energies returning to Mother Earth & her beings, as they transform into positive energies to heal. (It is important to give as you receive). You may chant, pray or say mantra if you wish.. (Universal mantra: OHM).

Upon completing your nature infused mandala, give thanks and gratitude to the items used.

I now take my pencil/pen and write down all the things I'd like to release & people or situations I want to cut cords with. On the other side of the paper I write down my goals, desires & things I want to manifest. I say a prayer to our Divine & Holy Spirit. I close my eyes and visualize a white light from from above as it embraces me from head to toe, with healing & protection (I do this for 10 minutes). I pay attention to what images I see in my Mind's eye, I listen to what messages our Divine is sending.. Mother Earth and her beings speak to us.. Listen.. What do you feel? What messages are being sent? Use all your senses to receive these messages.. When you are ready take the piece of paper and light it with the candle.. Put it in safe bowl/plate. Your petitions and desires will now manifest.. Believe & have faith in our Divine, Holy Spirit and in your self..

I finish my ritual by giving my gratitude and thanks to Divine, Holy Spirit, Mother Earth, Angels, fairies etc.. I then take a walk to our neighborhood park/garden.. I go under a tree who I feel is calling me, stand or sit under it, take my shoes off as I feel my feet connect with our Earth's core and ground myself.. Feel the energy!

I howl like a wolf, dance and let myself be free, wild like the wind & the moons energy.. (Let go and just be). Namaste

*Needless to say my neighbors think I'm
Either crazy or awesome! Lol either way I'm okay with it because I am me and in this world there is only one YOU so be who YOU are meant to be without judgements and the dogma that society teaches us.. Do what makes YOU happy!

Peace and Love!

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